Jesse Hinojosa PK Center

Jesse Hinojosa lived in the neighborhood served by MacArthur High School for more than 20 years, but many residents of north Houston have benefited greatly from his friendship and acts of kindness.

The successful owner of a north Houston produce company, Jesse was a leading citizen in his community and took it upon himself to invest in worthy projects that improve the quality of life for adults and children. One example of his benevolence occurred during the aftermath of a storm. When a call for assistance went out to the community after severe weather destroyed a little League baseball teams equipment, Jesse stepped forward. He donated funds and organized an effort to raise the money necessary to replace what was lost to the storm.

His generosity was so well known that Jesse was honored by Harris County State District Judge Ted Poe, among others.

A dedicated father who demonstrated support for public education and its programs, Jesse helped rear five sons who attended MacArthur High School and participated as members of various athletic teams. When the need arose for fund-raisers to support these teams, Jesse was a dependable contributor and partner of MacArthur.

Jesse Hinojosa’s legacy of hard work, community service, and love of education serve as beacons for children entering public education for the first time in the MacArthur area and surrounding communities. These ideals are shared and embraced by the faculty and staff of Hinojosa EC/PK Center.